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Elegant Choice: Surgical Stainless Steel Rectangular Brushed Finish Key Ring for Men

MSRP $59.99


*Includes Free Shipping and Gift Box



This stylish Key Ring has an extraordinary magnetism that will bring your look together. In a time of fashion revolution a man with discerning fashion sense cannot resist this absolutely stunning, rectangular, gleaming 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Brushed Finish Key Ring with subtle accents. Surgical Steel emulates the richness of precious metals and ensures a Promise of Forever, defines Strength, will never rust, corrode or discolor nor lose its Timeless charm to tarnish. You can feel safe when you add this Surgical Steel Key Ring to your list of style defining accessories; it is completely Bio-compatible. This Key Ring is suitable for every fashion style and makes a bold statement; a great gift for every occasion. The added advantage is a practical and user friendly closure. Dimensions: Length: 1 inch x Width: 7/8 inch. Includes a Signature Gift Box